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June 21, 2012

It was an impulsive decision to cap that pen for a while (not that I had a ‘writer’s block’ or anything. That only afflicts those who write for a living). I slammed shut the blogosphere door, kept my journals in cupboards, scrambled my words with my eggs and ate them every morning.

It was a foolish thing to do.

 For a person who has this unrelenting urge to express herself, not writing leads to too much talking. Too- much -talking.

I have hogged on every conversation in the past two months, made friends yawn at dinner parties, disrupted my own meager art time I get with this artist, bent ears and made my jaw hurt. People I know now know so much about me that they can all precisely write my biographies, just that they would want to kill me in chapter 2. I have even lost track of degrees of exaggerations I spin on stories, and now my mind is this porous thing where realities and fabrications are mingled in cesspools. Be it a lesson to you – Too much talking never did anybody good.

But what can I say, it was summer. Summer always puts me in an excellent, chirpy mood. The sunshine really does get into my head. It is the only time in the entire year when I feel absolutely and positively alive. I don’t care if it’s forty-two degrees and I have a noisy fan, I don’t care if I get sunburns , I don’t care if I sweat  like a pig, I just love me in summers.

And a good summer it was. I danced and I swam and I ate mango dollies till my brain froze. I listened to jazz while I lay awake on a cold marble floor and counted the stars stuck on my ceiling. I mastered the art of taking a bath with just one bucketful of water. I wore my cracked, dark sunglasses and the world still appeared bright and flawless.

I wish I could condense my summer mood in a vial and carry it around like a lucky charm. Because rains wash everything away. Clean slate. Who wants? Not me!

Now, There is water in my summer burrow. It already has been raining and cold and windy. This week, I have woken up in a room where no sunlight has filtered in. And I have begun to write, huddled in the corner of my bed, hoping someone, somewhere is still midst summer and is reading this and will send some warmth my way.

So, how have you been?

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  1. June 22, 2012 12:29 pm

    I’ve been away the entire month too..Sweating away in the summer heat, gorging on delicious mangoes and eager to head to office for the air-conditioning. It’s good to have you back and yes, it is time to write!

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