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February 27, 2012

Dear Rainy,

Today evening, I was lying on my stomach, with head jutting out, sobbing. I realized my tears were falling like raindrops too, not touching my cheeks. I remembered you. You didn’t even had to lie face-down for that. Your super big eyes and lack of cheekbones made your eyes rain whenever you cried. That’s why your parents named you ‘Rainy’. At least that’s the story you told me, during one of your sob fests. After that, whenever you cried, which was often, I would just sit there quietly, watching your teardrops fall, not roll down your no-cheeks. It was fascinating.

No one cried that much those days, at least not in front of the people. Sixteen is hardly the age to be bawling your eyes out. One needed to cry in other ways, like bunking school or talking about sex on sly. But you were straight out of Kerela into the heart of north, you knew little English and your career was already decided for/by you – you were to become a nun. You had left your home, parents, siblings for good. You had to just learn a little bit more English, pass a mere formal grade and the school took you in because it was supposed to, being a catholic school.

I was assigned to help you with English which I tried to, but it was a tall order for both of us. The first time I saw you cry was when a test paper was returned and you brought it to me to know what the teacher had scrawled all over in that merciless red ink.

An all-caps “What is the relevance of this?” over your timid “The rabbit cut grass with teeth”. It was a test on Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, Act II.

It dawned on me then how cruel and unfair it all has been for you and why you needed to cry with actual tears.

You left after a few months, still missing prepositions everywhere.

You must be a well-respected woman now, living a life of duty and impacting many lives. I hope you are still able to cry with actual tears whenever you need to. And I hope your tears still fall like raindrops.

– S

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  1. February 28, 2012 9:03 am

    Why this Kolaveri Di?

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