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One hell of an excuse

January 9, 2012

No, I haven’t abandoned this blog.

I may have abandoned this year already, though.

They all start on such high notes, these new years, with their promises of change and betterment, of positive resolutions and goal setting, of endless merry making. Now, ten days hence, it’s just a gradually deflating air balloon lying in a corner, with the ‘happy’ and the ‘new’ in the year getting minuscule and illegible day by day.

I thought I will tell you all the interesting stories I had in store of the year gone by, and I had so many to tell, but I never could get over that one single thing that has stopped so many interesting things from happening in my life.

That one vice of a thing called TV. I watch too much TV. Too much.

Year 2011 has been one year of relentless slavery to American television, sacrificing reading and exercising, not enough writing and painting.

I watched in 2011:

1.     All of the series Mad Men

2.     All of House MD

3.     All of Community

4.     All of Entourage

5.     All of Lost

6.     All of Parks and Recreation

7.     I continued with 30 Rock, Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family and the Big Bang Theory

This is a lot of TV. Not to include the re-runs of FRIENDS and Sex and the City.

You would think I never saw TV in my life before.

Sometimes, I try to defend this addiction and reason it out with an upside maybe, but there is no real upside to it.

Except maybe… there are times when I am sitting and thinking something and I recall a scene or a line from one the sitcoms and I smile to myself, smile into oblivion, smile for nothing obvious.

Additional notes:

  • Next in the pipeline is “Downton Abbey‘.
  • Mad Men is my favorite of all. I am custom made for the part of  ‘an oppressed secretary who turns into an angry feminist’ – career skills wise and personality wise. If time travel is possible, I will travel to 1960’s New York in a heartbeat.
  • I do not like Hugh Laurie without the stubble. Watching him play Bertie Wooster hardly ignited any passion in me than what Dr. House does. (But I doubt anyone loves reading Wodehouse more than I do).
  • I thought I wouldn’t like Entourage but I loved it. It’s ironical because I can’t stand men in general. It has happened once before too – when I loved reading ‘High Fidelity’, contrary to popular opinion that I would hate it.
  • I watched ‘Lost’ twice, the same scary scenes with eyes shut again as the first time around, in order to understand it more. I didn’t. Instead, I had dreams of being stranded on islands every single day I watched ‘Lost’. I am a little ashamed of this.
  • I only watch ‘Gossip Girl’ because I love reading NY Mag’s reviews of it. I have never enjoyed reading a critic’s perspective more.
  • I stopped watching ‘Glee’ because there are only so many teen dramas I can handle in life. But I love the music bit of it, whatever people say. I arrived to ‘music listening scene’ pretty late and ‘Glee’ did expose me to a lot of music, auto-tunes notwithstanding.
  • I will always love sitcoms more than I will love dramas or any movies.
  • I do not watch reality TV or horror stuff and I never will.
  • All of the above TV watching happens on the laptop except for re-runs, for which the actual TV is used on Sunday afternoons, if I am home.
  • I don’t watch stuff on actual TV not because of the commercial breaks (I don’t mind ads) but because they put bleeping sounds over unnecessary words like ‘shit’ and ‘breasts’
  • I don’t understand if it serves any purpose to show Sarah Jessica Parker smoke a cigarette for a full minute and beep out ‘fuck’
  • Even if we get influenced enough to say it, ‘fuck’ won’t cause cancer.
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  1. January 10, 2012 5:47 am

    I am so jealous of you. I love getting Lost while watching the entire season. Hugh Laurie is cerebrally hot and I want to go mad over Madmen too. Couch potato that I am!

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