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Let’s remove these rocks

December 8, 2011

My erstwhile roommate was here again. Her ex’s father passed away suddenly. She flew down to be around him. They have known each other for five years; have been friends, have dated, lived in, broken up and gotten back together on an infinite loop. Then when they couldn’t take the heart ache anymore, she quit the city and moved out, in hopes of moving on.

Maybe she already has.

I have known her for just over a couple of years and she is easily the strongest woman I know.

She knows how to love and she knows how to let go. And then she is ready to love again.

While most people I know, including myself, are either stuck on the repeat playlist or erase it to record another. We try too hard. We forget that most human hearts are programmed for infinite love.

She says, “Good memories are regret proof”.

Remember potli baba ki? I grew up watching baba bring stories. Baba was my Santa Claus. All I wanted in life was stories and all I want in life now is stories too (though now, I would like  to leave a few under the stones myself).

I think of her as being my one of my Babas…my story teller. She has these amazingly inane yet so captivating stories to narrate that I invite her over for dinner and we start chatting and oh! It’s already midnight and no dinner has been made or ordered in!

And the hunger for and hangover of her stories never ends!

Good stories are radiators on cold winter days, they warm you from inside. And since the temperatures are dropping and there are certainly no invincible summers inside me, I am going to survive on telling you a few stories from this year that’s almost slipped away.

And if you are also telling a story somewhere, do let me know.

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