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Nooses that are knots that are savior ropes…or maybe not

November 1, 2011

The above picture is sort of an angst-fueled collage I made two years back. It was made out of a wedding invitation and well, it was made to represent ‘arranged marriage’. I was suffering from illusions of eternal love, a happily ever after syndrome. I did not believe in marriages being arranged then and I do not believe in it now…but I am trying my best these days to take my eyes off love. Maybe that head over heels isn’t for everybody but for a chosen few.

When you are 29 and you have never loved or been loved, you start to wonder if there’s something seriously wrong with you. Do you even know what love is? Then you ask your friends and they tell you to ‘Make efforts. You got to work for love’ and you don’t know what that means. Then you ask your parents and they tell you ‘Just settle down already’ and it pisses you off. Then everyone tells you scary stories about single women who are in their thirties and are miserable and you don’t know how much to believe in them because you haven’t yet come across such women.

So, acting on some unsolicited advice, I made a list of pros of getting married. I was supposed to read it aloud whenever the thought of being married sent cold shivers down my spine. But it never came to that. Next day, there was an article in the newspaper supplement titled, ‘Top 5 reasons not to get married for’ and the first three matched my list. So that was that.

General angst aside, I am a happy person living in my bubble of books and TV shows and fine dining. But I am slowly waking up to the fact that this world looks down upon single people as lonely and pathetic. And bubbles burst, sooner than later. So, de-romanticize the brain and holy matrimony is just a business transaction. Hope I get a good deal.

And if there is a bright side, isn’t every noose a knot and every knot a rope which may pull you out of a deep dark well?

Well then, no more tears. This collage is getting off the wall.

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