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Roll over, pullover!

October 9, 2011

A friend came to stay over the weekend and was very surprised to see that I only have 2 shelves for clothes in my cupboards.

I cannot keep more clothes than 2 shelf spaces in my room because every other month, this happens.

Where will I keep all my books? In the living room where myriad guests can lay their sneaky hands on them? No way!

I buy more than I can read and I spend much more time in researching what to pick than I buy. But some days like today, I will just wander in a bookshop and pick up stuff that catches my eye. Also, it assuages my guilt over the fact that I buy most books online these days and am abetting the murder of book stores.

Not today, not today.

From bottom to top:

1. Plain Pleasures by Jane Bowles. I have been wanting to read ‘Two serious ladies’ since ages now but that’s clearly out of print. So, I will just grab on what I get, please.

2. Rock on – How I stopped caring about music and learned to love corporate rock by Dan Kennedy. I just liked the title of this one, don’t you? And any book which starts with ‘Parental Advisory’ ought to be interesting.

3. Oh, play that thing by Roddy Doyle. I have read ‘Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha’. And I liked it.

4. The terrible privacy of Maxwell Sim by Jonathan Coe. I just loved the cover, a suited man falling into oblivion. Reminded me of ‘Mad Men’ – a series I adore.

5. A confederacy of dunces by John Kennedy Toole. I can hardly pass by a book which has ‘a pungent work of slapstick, satire and intellectual incongruities’ written on its back-cover and not pick it up.

6. Nine stories by J.D. Salinger. Because it is J.D. Salinger.

7. Portraits by Roland Kanz. I am learning art these days and aspire to be a portrait artist.

What are you looking at, eh!?

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