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Stuck in the middle

September 3, 2011

I am sitting in an auto and it is pouring and roads are flooded and other similar almost hellish stuff till a car passes by and splashes so much water that the auto guy and I are completely drenched.

We both mutter abuses under our breath and I smile because well…our reactions were so synchronized that it could have been a scene from a slap-stick comedy.

Except that it wasn’t and I went on to my intended destination – a mall, bought new clothes, changed and had a fancy dinner while wondering what did the auto driver do with the hundred bucks I gave him.

Sometimes I just wish I was a rich person with no conscience or a poor person with no use for a conscience.

Growing up with very limited means to limited means takes your conscience down the guilt lane way too often.

I am just so tired of all this these days.

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  1. September 6, 2011 12:50 pm

    Me too..

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