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Or, if you feel like, you can fly instead

August 20, 2011

A thousand little revenges play out on roads

whenever it rains.

Drivers avenge the memory of

being splashed on sidewalks

by cars when they had none.

Pedestrians sidestep, clothes sodden, cursing them.

I am standing at the corner, umbrella in hand, watching this one act play on repeat.

You just need to be in a car to have a shift in your ethics.

A car driver: “Of course I want to slow down at puddles but it’s a moving road and I cannot cause the traffic jam and be honked at. It’s just the way it is.”

My neighbor’s daughter, 3, dressed up as a little fairy for her dance recital, is all set to set the stage on fire….Till she spots  a muddy puddle and jumps right into it, just before leaving for school.

After five minutes of being shouted at, she is in some other dress with clashing, limp, pink wings while her father carries her to the car.

Next day, I ask her if she did well.

She says, ‘ I don’t know…but did you see me fly yesterday? I was flying and then I fell into the chocolate soup like Charlie did.”


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