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The importance of not-being yourself

July 21, 2011

To find out

If you really can like me despite me being me,

I invite you to my city

For a three-day stay,

And bring out the brat who I was born with.

I shout at my parents, sob a river, and mope.

My folks don’t bat an eyelid and act as if it’s dope.

But you…

You are horrified.

You can’t believe I have this bad a dark side.

And I refuse to apologize.

After the dust has been settled down by incessant rains,

I call to examine the damage.

“So…how have you been?”

“Forget me! What on earth possessed you?”

“Well, that’s how I am sometimes. I just wanted you to see the real me.”

She says, “Well, we are okay now but I don’t mind being deceived.”

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