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Of fatalism and angry birds

July 18, 2011

“It’s high time you grow up!”

Growing up is tough and not only because we get old or things change. It is because there is a constant pressure to formulate our set of beliefs…it is way too much thinking.

Will you eat meat?

Will you believe in God and follow a religion?

Will you be okay with open relationships?

Who will you vote for?



Of course, a lot of what we believe in is influenced by the society and most of the times, we align our beliefs to match what majority thinks. And sometimes, we stand apart.

But the point is, most of my generation has a plethora of options and if we are taking so much bloody time to grow up, it’s not our fault!

A contrast in beliefs: my mom – fate (kismet), me – action (I can do it).

I am playing angry birds and mom is watching me play. That’s our ‘spending time together’.

As it happens, the same one pig remains after innumerable tries.

My mom: “A person can’t be killed until his time has come. It is all fate…”

Me: “Arghh! It is a pig! And I am playing this and I will kill him.”

Mom: “You don’t believe in this because you are young. Fate is a powerful thing. It is all in our stars. Else why only that pig will get saved and others die? His time hasn’t come.”

Me: “Stop it! I am not playing it are disturbing me with all this mumbo-jumbo…”



That one pig still remained as my mom chuckled.

The anger got contagious. I flew into a rage, consulted a cheat-sheet (yes, they exist!) and cleared the level…

Fate my foot!



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  1. July 19, 2011 1:44 am

    Evil aren’t you?

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