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One ‘bucket-list’ entry I am never ever telling my parents

May 30, 2011

The second most embarrassing conversation I ever had with my dad was sometime today afternoon…over the phone…

D: Hello, are you at work?

Me: Yeah (in an exasperated tone, because 1. My dad calls me most afternoons when I am at work and starts with the very same question every time 2. Regardless of that, I am always exasperated at work)

D: What are you doing?

Me: I am at the cafeteria, having some juice…You tell me, wassup?

D: Yea…about that…I need to talk to you regarding something important…

Me: Umm…hmmm (wondering if it’s about some matrimonial shit)

D: I hear you have been chatting naked over the internet.

Me: What? WHAT?

D: Yes, your sister was telling me you have stopped wearing clothes. Why is that?

Me: What? (Wondering what evil possesses my sister from time to time to incite my wrath)

D: Stop saying ‘what’. You think internet is a safe place? This skype and all…people hack them all the time.

Me: Oh that.

D: You need to be more responsible. If you feel hot, get a cooler or an AC. Don’t take off clothes.

Me: Oh … I can explain. It was an accident…

D: No explanation required. Never ever should I hear again that you are naked anywhere.

Me: Really! Not even when I am taking a bath?

D: Very funny. Let me ask your mother to call you and explain the same.

Me: Nooooo….I was kidding. (Lesson – DO NOT kid with your dad when he is serious)

My mother did call me. Cue – 30 minutes of full blown melodrama on how the values she imparted me have rotted and how I am killing her softly.

Aside :

It was my bad though! Yes, I was in fact in my birthday suit. After an ardrous trip helping a friend shop, I returned to my empty abode, stripped and was cooling off before a bath. My sister called me on skype and I absent-mindedly received the call with the video on. My mistake, yes… but it was a 10 second thing and what she saw was mostly my bare shoulders..but then she’s hardly a person who will miss on the dramatic potential of any situation.

Nudity has diametric camps.

We started wearing clothes because we needed protection against natural elements, not because we were ashamed of our bodies. Then, it made us feel superior because it differentiated us from other species and also with one another. It made us individuals and also fashionably beautiful.

But beauty is just skin deep, isn’t it? I have been taking oil painting lessons since the past few months and it feels like the purest form of art is bare. An art nude is not vulgar or’s pristine, almost sacred.

Even though I promised my parents I will be well clad all the time (and which I always am anyways), if I ever get the honor of being a part of this form of art, I will not think twice…but we won’t tell my parents, right? Right.

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  1. May 31, 2011 5:41 am

    Lord, I feel your horror! What a vile sister you have! 😀

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