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March 10, 2011

So this book.











It is very difficult to dislike a book which almost everyone loves. People get upset.

My sister has been recommending this book to me since ages. I never bothered because our reading sensibilities never match.

Then, after my month-long depression post reading ‘the bell jar’ happened, my sister told me not to go near this book. Ever.

Reverse psychology.

I immediately bought it and finally got around to reading it last week.

And I felt cheated of a good heart tugging sad story.

Dystopian fiction – not my favorite genre. Because something that improbably sad that happens in some other time, space or parallel universe is very hard to relate to… especially when humans are being used as machines to fulfill other humans needs. Isn’t this the real life banality that is so ingrained it’s hardly noticed?

On top of that, this book reads like a narrative…almost a documentary. (But as I have been told, that is this author’s style of writing). I have read other dystopian novels before (I never learn, do I?) but at least, while reading them, it felt as if the author is emphatic with what the characters were going through. Here, the author in guise of the narrator is detached (is it because she is a clone and doesn’t have feelings?). I don’t know.

Bottom line is that this book did not make me feel…and that is a sub-par thing in my standards of good reads.

But as per my sister, I might not have ‘understood’ the book, for all you know.

So, you should go by the popular opinion and maybe give it a shot. (Just do not make me ‘understand’ the book in case you love it too).

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