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One fine day

November 3, 2010

I feel like writing about today.

I got up at 10:30 in the morning. It is late even by my standards. Anti-allergic medicines put me in such a cozy slumber that I never feel like waking up. If I ever need to have a beautiful addiction, it will surely be of some form of soporific drug.

It was a head-wash day. I hadn’t applied hair oil but I felt like looking nice. I always feel like looking effort-inducing nice when I have no time. After that, I couldn’t find my comb. Room is a mess pit these days. On normal days when I am unable to find a comb, I simply tie my hair. Today, they were dripping wet, no dryer because no current, no dry towel because the weather is so damned damp…there will never be a dry towel again! I bought a new comb. I ignored the shopkeeper’s smirk. On the way to work, I kept thinking about how much ammunition for how many days my mother will get if I told her this comb-losing tale.

I reached work at half past noon. I don’t even feel guilty now. No one bothers if I come late. Or early. Sometimes, I revel in this. Other days, I feel abandoned. Small event for diwali at workplace. I was told to compere at the last moment. I was nervous but I did it anyways.

Made an impromptu visit to my art class. I only go on weekends but I wanted to pick some of my art from there. My sister is coming over for the weekend and I wanted to show off to her my amateur watercolor pieces. At art class, the mood was somber. Guess what… my art teacher was fired. She was upset. This made me real sad. I haven’t seen anyone whip up a watercolor painting faster than her… and it’s perfection. She was the closest I have been to my any teacher. Hope I remember the lessons… especially the one of patience. And I have never been more glad of any of my impromptu visits than this one. For this maybe the last time I met her.

I hate saying goodbyes. You never really know if you will ever meet the going person again. And then in the meantime, you will undergo such a change that you will no longer want to meet the going person again. This always happens to me. I move on too easily.I am depressed day 1 and then the next I am sitting in a comfortable chair in a big room with no one around… watching or writing stuff on my laptop.

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