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A Monsoon Monologue

September 3, 2010

It has been raining like never before.

Like cats and dogs.

Well, mostly dogs. Their population seems to have had an outburst. Not surprising since I have often caught them in the acts of procreation round the corners of streets. None of my business though. Just saying that they all start howling in the dead of the night and wake me from my dreamy slumbers. Not to forget the peacocks who keep ‘meowing’ throughout the night. My neighborly cacophonous fauna keeps me up till wee hours and then bang! It’s ten in the morning and I am still in bed fighting the cell phone alarm.

But then, if it weren’t for the females of the dog population, whose name would I take in vain while cursing the auto drivers under my breath? Suddenly, the fares have catapulted beyond reasonable. And it’s only so much one can haggle-to-no-avail. They may not teach this at anger management classes, but muted curses work wonders.

Though I should contradict myself right here and tell you that there has been more than one incident where a random auto driver has shown me unexpected kindness. Like the one time I was wading into knee deep murky water and was offered a free ride to my destination. Or that one time where my broken umbrella was held and the seat wiped for me. And the driver did it with his shirt.

So yes, two.

And because I find these two kind souls in rainy days makes up for the ten rogues who give me hell in bright sunshine. Almost helps keep my faith in humanity alive.

Favorite monsoon snack: Corn on the cob.

Find a golden yellow juicy ear of corn. Peel. Put it in a big utensil with lot of water to boil. Remove after 10 minutes. Garnish with salt, butter and lime juice. Yum.

But has around 400 calories. So there.

Fact 1: Tiny shiny expensive bright pink fancy umbrellas break faster than bulky cheap ugly black ones.

Fact 2: Monsoons make me use a lot of adjectives.

My two favorite rain songs have opposed sentiments. Happiness and longing. Ecstacy and agony. ‘Singin’ in the rain’ (from eponymous movie) and ‘Raining in my heart’ (as sung by Buddy Holly). Mostly, I am singing in the rain. Just can’t get the video of Gene Kelly tapping out of my head.

What is your monsoon melody?

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